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For more than seven decades, Du-par’s has been a part of the LA coffee shop tradition, serving millions their famous breakfasts and fresh fruit pies.  That cherished tradition will continue as Du-par’s management moves to another long-time restaurant family in Los Angeles.  The restaurants will be renovated and restored to their former glory, while the ambiance and menu will largely stay the same.

Medardo Hernandez, formerly with Wolfgang Puck’s Granita and Spago restaurants, will be the new executive chef at Du-par’s.  Jennifer Naylor, former executive chef and general manager at Puck’s Granita Restaurant, will be a consultant to the restaurant.  Together they will use their wealth of experience in food preparation and quality, while still following the simple rules that Du-par’s was founded with – use the best ingredients, keep it fresh, and make it taste wonderful.

The menu will return to the home style tradition of using only the freshest ingredients.  The orange juice will be squeezed fresh daily, the hash

browns will be hand-peeled and cut, and the hamburger meat will be freshly ground.

Under renovation for almost a year, the Du-par’s at the Farmers Market now boasts a 21st century kitchen in a fully-restored 1930s décor, along with new outdoor seating and patio facilities to accommodate an additional 50 people.

The Farmers Market location will be open 24 hours.  This will be the only food facility open late night in the entire Grove/Farmers Market complex.

The new “beat the clock” program will offer reduced portions at a reduced price.  The all-inclusive menu, offered between 4:00 – 6:00, will include soup or salad and entree, with four different meals each day.  The price will change to reflect the time.  If you arrive at 4:00, the meal will cost $4.00; at 4:22, the meal will cost $4.22; at 5:00, the meal will cost $5.00.  The earlier you come, the better the deal.

Du-par's Farmers Market

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